Sunday, March 23, 2008

CNN's Showbiz Today Rips Into Today's Famous For Nothing Celebs

CNN's Showbiz Today did a piece on today's Famous for Nothing celebs asking the question, "Why are these people famous?" While I agree with them that a lot of today's "Famous Celebs" are famous for mostly shady and/or ridiculous behaviors, it's not really anything new... A few names that immediately come to mind are Monica Lewinsky, Jennifer Flowers, and even Pamela Anderson. Yes, Pam was on Baywatch, but her superstardom didn't really kick in with the mainstream public until she and Tommy's sex romp tape went public.

It's sad, but the reality this day and age is simple: If you want to be famous, which this day and age simply means you are featured in the tabloids, on the internet and on celebrity tabloid TV shows like TMZ, Showbiz Today, Entertainment Tonight, etc., then you need to either have sex with or without a celebrity on or off tape (Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, Pam Anderson, Amy Fisher, Ashley Dupre, etc.), appear in a reality show (Nicole Richie, Lauren Conrad, Omarosa, Bob from the Bachelor, Bret Michaels, Corey Haim, etc.) or blog on the internet (Perez Hitlon and perhaps me - well, my stardom hasn't really kicked in, but I'm trying...).

Anyhow, it's obvious that being famous today is much, much easier than it used to be, but unfortunately, it's also obvious that our society today is only interested in sleazy celebs rather than legitimate ones.

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