Monday, November 26, 2007

Daily Celeb News Updates - Monday, November 26, 2007 - Britney: She's Not There Either - Article Excerpt - The press is going all bat-s--t crazy about I'm Not There, the Bob Dylan bio flick that has several stars portraying the folk-rock icon, including Christian Bale, Cate Blanchett, Richard Gere and Heath Ledger. - EW names J.K. Rowling Entertainer of the Year - Article Excerpt - J.K. Rowling’s magical, Midas touch has landed her on the cover of Entertainment Weekly as the magazine’s entertainer of the year. - Mary-Kate Olsen Sickened by Kidney Infection - Article Excerpt - Mary Kate Olsen has reportedly been hospitalized with a kidney infection. The young actress went to the emergency room of a New York City hospital, according to a report in People. - Celebrity Houses Burn in Malibu Inferno (+photos) - Article Excerpt - A-list movie stars Matthew McConaughey and Minnie Driver were forced to flee from their homes today, as a fierce wildfire destroyed 49 homes in Los Angeles' exclusive beachside community of Malibu. - Seinfeld Buzzes Through Israel - Article Excerpt - Jerry Seinfeld's trip to the Holy Land got so much hype it rivaled news of key upcoming Mideast talks. The Jewish comic visited Israel for the first time in decades to promote his new animated movie about bees, and he was treated like royalty — literally - Cyrus Marks 15 Years With 15,000 Fans - Article Excerpt - Miley Cyrus celebrated turning 15 with more than 15,000 hometown friends, who serenaded her with "Happy Birthday" toward the end of her concert, complete with pyrotechnic displays and a cake delivered onstage.

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