Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Evan Stone - An Unlikely Hero of Super Bowl XLIII - Watch The Comcast Video

A lot of you read the title of this post and thought... Who the heck is Evan Stone? Well, he's the guy pictured to the left, and he's also the guy featured in the Comcast Super Bowl Porno video that invaded the homes of countless residents of Arizona. I probably should have re-phrased that last sentence. He's the guy with the appendage that was the star of the Super Bowl porno video.

I didn't know anything about Evan Stone until after the Super Bowl, so I thought I'd do a little digging and find out more about him. By the way, if you haven't seen the video yet, you can watch it below. Suffice it to say, the Super Bowl wasn't the only BIG thing on TV last Sunday.

Here's how Evan describes himself on his website:

"Hello. My name is Evan Stone. I have been in the adult entertainment industry for 7 years now... Both my work and my social life are synonymous with fun... my good spirits and positive karma have guided me to a path of happiness and good standing with my friends and work associates. I hope one day to be accepted by the Moslem world or the Catholic, or whatever is in the forefront of the anti-pornography campaign. I like kind people... and honest work, good food, rock 'n roll music...and I like to listen-- to people, to nature... and the beating heart of this planet. I play music (guitar, piano, drums, cornet) and love to play most all sports. I do not enjoy watching sports. It seems a waste of time. I would rather be playing than watching. My dogs and I run every morning and evening. And when not working for the industry, I spend my spare time with my girlfriend or in my studio in Burbank."

I'm not that familiar with the adult film industry, but Evan won the 2009 AVN Best Actor award, which is kind of like winning the Oscar for Best Actor in the Adult industry. The best place to find out information on Evan is either through his website, (**Adult Content Warning**) or through his Wikipedia page.

As promised above, here's the video that aired during the Super Bowl featuring Evan and fellow porn star Tristan Kingsley:

Google Video has the uncensored version that's definitely NSFW

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